The what’s and why’s of ‘Serviced Apartments’

Inhabitable, suitably furnished apartments with well-functioning facilities providing a welcoming service for your stays away from home, in general fashion today are what we refer to as ‘serviced apartments’.
These are apartments lent to us by their owners for travelers and tourists to use them for cheap and amicable stays instead of hotels and other usual accommodation services.
These serviced apartments can be found at different locations of the city with absolute home-like ambience and maintenance. The stays at these apartment compounds are usually provided with a domestic help and cook to ensure comfortable and hassle free stay. The serviced apartments not only provide a roof to stay with a personal help but almost all basic daily amenities. The usual provisions include furniture, cooking and dining utensils, general toiletries, bed sheets and pillows, seasonal needful materials, say – blankets or Air conditioners and Coolers, and a basic hygienic environment. The rest varies and depends upon different types of serviced apartments.
There are two major diversification of these apartment services that can be made on the basis of the tenure of the stay they allow and provide. They are the short-stay apartments and the long-stay apartments. The ones that generally provide stays varying from a 24 hours reception to daily extensions are usually called ‘Aparthotels’ and allow travelers a short-stay service. You can stay a few hours, a day or many more extended days to follow. You could use it very efficiently if you are out for a vacation for a week or two.

The second kinds are the ‘corporate houses’ which provide services for a long-stay plan, more like short-term rental houses. They include basic facilities along with a tenured billing provision for certain tax paying services. These allow stays for a month or more and thus, cut your hotel bills drastically.

Serviced Apartments can be found to be both luxurious or with usual home-like services. Such kind depends from city to city and apartment to apartment. However, they all have in the common the provision of basic daily amenities and services. Moreover, they allow you a worthy alternative for expensive hotels and lodges.
The highlights of such a service in a new city for you can be surprisingly many.

Cheap Residence –
Like, literally a residence. Though the rates vary from city to city but it shall still be about 30% cheaper than a four-star hotel with a promisingly better service in accordance to your tastes.

You carry your lifestyle along. Not only do you get more autonomy as to deciding your own way of stay, from your choice of casual clothing to off-the-menu cuisine preferences. Yes, you get to taste your dishes exactly like you want them to taste! All in all, it is your own customized travel stay.

Moreover, you get your own space. You want the whole apartment? No problem. You wish to share it with another tourist? You got it. Hanging out with friends on a budget trip? We’ve got the best convenience for you here. Or a family trip? This could be the homely-trip with no hassles.

It is one of the best and most convenient accommodation services for people who aspire for casual and natural stays while traveling. It lacks the usual clamor of the costly hotels and is more hospitable than dharmshalas and ashrams, even guest houses. Come to think of it, it is just like residing at your own residence with all the comforts and cordial services. It’s a home away from home.

Residence stay – your choice. We provide you with our available options of these apartments at different location of the city and you have complete freedom to choose the most expedient one. You may also have an option to personalize your services according to your tastes and desires. You get what you seek.

All in all, the inception of existence for travel stays as such has not only opened new accommodation ventures in the market but has in fact seen accentuation in major Indian cities. It is now one of the better options a traveler seeks today and rightly so. Try out for yourself and add another experience to your travel diaries. Book a lovely serviced apartment with

The changing dimensions of Travel Accommodations coming of age of ‘serviced apartments’

We are in the middle of a revolution of the travel industry. In fact, it wouldn’t be too harmful or incorrect to say that not only is the industry going through a major makeover but the whole conception of traveling and its other subsets involving travel destinations, travel commutation, and travel accommodations are facing what we would call the change of an era. Long story cut short, the meaning of traveling for most of the travelers has changed from the conventional style to a neo-travel fashion.

No more do our usual travelers consider luxury an imperative part of the travel and neither do they follow the conventionally used protocol of planning, dressing, and lifestyle during their travel anymore. And thus, there had been seen an obviously impending change in the field of travel accommodation.
So long staying out during travel was either of the two things – staying expensively and lavishly at hotels and lodges or staying on nominal accommodation services of not-so-impressively maintained institutionally provided stays at temples, and other spiritual buildings. The industry and the industry lovers are now witnessing the coming of age of what we call ‘serviced apartments’.

Serviced apartments are accommodation services in residential apartments with usual daily amenities and services, maintained and marketed for travelers. They allow short as well as long stays to solo, group or family travelers at prices much lower than the lavish alternative and services extremely home-like that can be customized to one’s preference on personal request.

It goes without saying that they are one of the best options for effective and efficient cost cutting during trips and tours but that’s not it.

They give you more space and privacy if you are a lover of them. You don’t need to dress, or stay in the way it will always be publically appreciated and you get to be the way you want to be even while traveling in another city or country. You follow your own lifestyle.

Moreover, you have absolute say and choice over your kitchen whether you want anything strictly adhering to your tastes or try out new dishes. You decide the quality and quantity of your own food, which is hard to maintain a say over at most times and places.

The apartment becomes your residence over that period of time and you can use it to work, relax or command it just like you do at your own place. It’s your home away from home. Thus, it tries to cut down the peculiar feeling of staying at an unusual place in a new city. These shall provide you with the comfort you desire; and there could be much more, which perhaps comes out better with experience than words of information.

The chains of serviced apartments have made their way through the selectively permeable batch of hotels and created a niche for themselves in the market. The major boom had been due to the rise in regional, national and international travelers of from all classes and stratum of the population. Gone are the days when traveling across cities and countries was a luxury enjoyed only by the high-class of the society who could easily afford an extravagant stay.

Similarly, no more do we see the dawn of the days endeavored by hippie, nomadic travelers staying at nominally low-budgeted and ill-maintained spiritual dwellings. The introduction and journey of serviced apartments has given a perfect alternative to any other accommodation stays amidst the huge gap of the different kinds. Thus, with the kind of travelers we have today, with the most promising traits of effective and efficient stay plans, the scope of serviced apartments is anticipated to expand exponentially.

As a fact of the matter, it is the kind of stay service which shall hardly go out of trend and market for a long time because the major range of neo-traveling lovers constitutes the vast width of middle-class people across the globe that neither love extravagance a lot, nor stay below basic standards. Serviced Apartments have successfully come of age and have miles to go! Do visit to book a serviced apartment across the country in thirteen cities.

A chance to meet feathered travellers visiting the city

Santragachi Jheel is an enormous 13,75,000 square feet water body in the heart of Kolkata’s twin city, Howrah.

The city of joy offers you several places of interest throughout the year. But on a certain part of the year, the city opens up its skyline to play host to several foreign travellers. These tourists fly in without a passport or visa and the city makes grand preparations for them. Before you let your imagination run wild, let me tell you that these travellers are the migratory birds that visit the Satragachi jheel every year.

During the winter months, that is from October to March thousands of birds fly to Howrah situated on the opposite bank of the Ganges. In the heart of Howrah, which is a mere 20 minutes away from Kolkata, lies a 13,75,000 square feet lake, known as Santragachi Jheel. This is a favourite spot amongst migratory birds and also turns out to be a centre of attraction for birdwatchers all over the country. If you have a special love and fascination for aves then make sure you get hold of a cup of warm tea and an eagle eyed pair of binoculars to see migratory birds fly in from countries like Kazakhstan, China and Russia.

This is probably the best place for you to see wild birds in a city. The jheel provides a safe haven for these birds. Some of the common winter visitors to the jheel are Fulvous Whistling-duck, Swinhoe’s Snipe, Ferruginous Pochard, Comb Duck and the more common Gadwall, Garganey, Northern Pintail, Northern Shovelers Common Moorhen, Cotton Pygmy Goose and several distant visitors make a stop at Santragachi jheel to rest their wings for a while.

The jheel is punctiliously cleaned every year to make it ready for the migratory birds. On one such year when the public authorities delayed their work, the people living around the area crowd funded the cleaning of the jheel, just to make sure the beautiful birds didn’t lose their usual booking at the jheel.

If you are on the lookout for true uncaged wildlife in the city, then Santragachi Jheel is a place to hop in before any zoo visit. Book a lovely serviced apartment in Kolkata on to enjoy this wonderful destination.

Travel and Stay in India

When exactly they seeped through in the market and since when have they started turning tables in the travel and accommodation industry, no one can surely say. Perhaps some hints of localized efforts can be traced to early dates of this century but the game for the sisterhood of traveling pants changed mostly in the recent decade of times. Past few years have not only witnessed stark changes from the conventional travel traditions to a whole new set of unconventional traveling preferences but the travel audience has been astounded with the new conception of serviced apartments – a perfect accommodation alternative for present travelers.

The inclusion of serviced apartments in the travel accommodation industry has been a unique venture, with one of the fastest and most promising scope for all the parties involved. The shift in the paradigms of this subject field has started to recognize the evolution of industry with the successful progression of serviced apartments. People around the world are starting to find their convenience better in the provisions of such apartments and seem interested in putting their faith in it. Especially in India, the growth has been astonishingly pleasant.

From inspiration, a present-day Indian traveler has become more aware and investing in the new growing promises of the accommodation developments, serviced apartments being the major. From hotels, cheap motels, dharmshalas or tacky guest houses, the curiosity of a quintessential Indian traveler has been drawn to serviced apartments. And thus, serviced apartments in India hold immense scope and growth for a flourishing industry in the ever-expanding market.

Initially only famous tourist states like Goa and Kerala had easy provisions of these apartments but now the extensions can be seen as far as the north-east with a widespread grid of such in states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, the seven sisters and more to be added soon. A lot more companies and even individuals have started to invest in them and Indian tourism can be seen nurturing a whole new set of travel accommodation entrepreneurs who provide exactly what we are talking about.

The ambit has widened for both the ones interested in providing the service as for the ones intriguingly interested in consuming such services of a home away from home, with one’s own convenience and command and a personal space for being carefree even while traveling. Not just this, but all mediums through which one gains travel knowledge have been enriched with all the information about these for a lot easier access. Easy access increases their approachability and this has resulted in a complimenting footage to their existence. It would be safe to say that serviced apartments in India have not only changed the dynamics of the usual accommodation options in the industry but is, gradually and eventually, restructuring the whole equation.

Travelers no more need to look for and spend on high budget hotels or average budgeted hotels with unimpressive services. Travelers can now easily rent an apartment for their traveling accommodation with a lot cheaper stay-expense and an absolute autonomy of lifestyle even when on the go! With such stepping stones, it is evidently obvious that all the hotels and lodges have another competitor in the market and they better be careful for the era of serviced apartments has begun. For some reasonably priced and very comfortable serviced apartments across thirteen major cities, visit

Why you should board the Circular rail in Kolkata

When you Google famous transport options for Kolkata, then the Tram wins the search results but there is a lesser known transport which provides you easy and fast access to every tourist spot in the city, Circular rail. Being the only state which still has a functioning network, the tram has become a symbol of Kolkata’s fight against time. But there is a not so famous transport which is used only by daily commuters and is yet to be developed for tourists, the Circular rail.

This special rail service is used by a handful of people in the City of Joy but if you are a tourist and want to see the best and the famous spots in the city then Circular rail is your answer. This particular railway network derived its name from the fact that it goes around the whole city in a circle. Starting from Dumdum and ending at Dumdum. If you are still wondering as to why you should board this train as a tourist then read on.

The Circular rail is the only railway network which runs by the majestic Ganges. So if you are hoping to get a view of the mighty river then this is the best way of seeing it on wheels. The train trails by the river from Khiddirpur to B.B.D Bag. Be sure to keep your cameras on standby as you chug past the river. If you are interested in photography then early morning is a good time for you to board. This is preferable over the tram because the tram glides past the interiors of the city while the Circular rail takes you on a trip around the periphery of the whole city. It starts and ends on the same station.

You can get down the train at any station and then board further vehicles for reaching your place of interest. Some of the famous stops of the Circular rail are Pricep Ghat. You can pose here for a picture under the colossal columns, like Vidya Balan in Parineeta. The next stop is a soft spot for every cricket lover, Eden Gardens. Drop by to get a feel of Dada’s lust for this ground. At B.B.D Bag, you will find the station infested with commuters on the rush but you can drop the run, board a streamer to get a ride on the Ganges. These streamers will take you to the other side of the river, Howrah, the twin city of Kolkata. One of the key attractions of the Circular rail; it takes you on a ride under the historic Howrah bridge. That is a ride very few make.

The Circular rail issues special tickets for tourist. These are one time payable which is why it saves you the time and energy of buying a ticket at every stop. These tickets allow a maximum of eight stops. So make a sketch of the places you want to visit and let the Circular rail act as your magic chariot. To experience this wonderful ride, stay in Kolkata with 14square service apartments. To know more about our conveniently located properties, visit


We all have that secret hideout or a vendor who is the answer to our prayers for food. These people are equivalent to the sun that shines through your dark days of low balance in the ATM. They provide you delicious food at a rate dear to your heart thus making them more loved than your beloved. Kolkata is full of such people and they help keep Kolkatans happy.

One such is Kishan bhai, who works his miracles in the heart of the city. Kishan Bhai has won hearts with his spectacular south Indian dishes. These dishes are loved by all, not for their authenticity but for their innovation.

Kishan Bhai sets up his stall everyday during lunch hour. Smartly placed under an abandoned bill board at the end of Hunger Ford Street near St. Xavier’s College, this place is the secret lunch haunt of all the Xavierites and the people working in the adjoining offices. Even if you miss the street or the bill board, you can recognize his stall by the huge crowd hanging out around the stall. The stall is conveniently located opposite Arun Tea stall.

Though the menu is crisp and comprises of mainly three items; dosa, uttapam and idli; Kishan Bhai is famous for the innovation he dishes out with every single item on his menu. There are several variants of dosa available of which cheese dosa is the reason why Kishan Bhai has attained his fame. The cheese filled dosa is more tempting than any double cheese burst pizza ever featured by an advertorial of Pizza Hut or Dominoes. The reason? Kishan Bhai’s dosa is lovingly and generously filled with loads of cheese. You can feel the cheese ooze out every time you tear a part of it or bite into it. There are several takers for the spiced up Uttapam served with a special spicy chutney as well.

If you are wondering as to the amount charged for the generosity of the cheese then you need not worry. It is just a meager Rs.35. far less than what a small pan pizza will charge you. In fact every item on the menu is under 50. When you visit Kolkata, stay in a conveniently located 14Square Serviced Apartment and have a lovely meal below Rs. 50 at Kishan Bhai’s stall. Visit us on to book your stay.

Delhi Gastronomy Chacha Chawal Wala near North Campus DELHI UNIVERSITY

The famous and happening north campus of Delhi University can always be seen brimming with young vibrancy of the student populace. Thus, the university campus does an excellent obligatory job at providing them with all amazement. While an area like Kamla Nagar provides a wide spectrum of market facilities from Malls and branded showrooms to small, crowded joints for food and clothing, other little areas on the whereabouts of the universities, though a little lesser known, sometimes succeed in amazing the students no less. From the footpaths adjoining the college walls to the main market area, one can easily spot abundant little food joints with interesting, quirky names and menu. One such little abode for good food is ‘Chacha Chawal Wala’.

Situated near the main traffic light crossroad which marks the end of Kamla Nagar and from where starts Shakti Nagar, or can be easily seen between the main Shakti Nagar traffic lights and the small ones, Chacha Chawal wala serves what students wouldn’t mind spending extra 15 minutes on extra 2 kilometers to eat. Almost all the food joints in Kamla Nagar are instantly tried and tested and then reviewed, while people are still getting to know about the slightly off-beat CHACHA CHAWAL WALA.
As a matter of fact, Chacha Chawal Wala serves what campus people, especially the ones staying away from home, crave for. It is like a little shop which feeds you with some of the favorite Indian delicacies, managed only and solely by a man in his mid-forties, fondly called ‘chachaji’. As the name suggests, the man or chachaji mainly serves lunch with dishes made from rice only. His menu is simple and extremely desirable by willing eaters.

He serves
Rajma Chawal
Kadhi Chawal
Dal Chawal
Chole Chawal
with Salad and Raita.

Might sound like a mundane menu list of any common north Indian chap, but only campus people understand and relate to the way it satisfies their love and need for such food. It is as tasty as any north Indian remembers eating the best of it and compels them to come back to the magnanimous chachaji time and again, with friends or alone. Kamla Nagar serves the population with all kinds of cuisines, from chinese to continental, from desi rolls to tasty shakes, Indianised and popular versions of almost everything and anything but hardly does it ever treat them with a mouth-watering full-plate food with rajma chawal ( the much loved ) and other chawals. And that is where Chacha Chawal Wala scores; kindly so. He opens his small shop every morning around late hours, say 10-11 am and serves with a generous smile and eagerness to serve until 4pm in the evening. When we say it’s a shop, it really is like one. The shop has a little menu hanging over it with only one little counter where chachaji takes orders and serves accordingly. One must find a place to eat it there or can happily get his food packed. Must I emphasize on the hygiene, I’d be happy to state that food from Chacha Chawal Wala is not just tasty but also clean, well kept in containers, served with much care and packed with the finesse most famous food joints amiss. Most of all, it serves the ever so hungry students with good food and noticeably reasonable rates. If one ever interests himself in visiting the clamor of the campus and tasting the food servings of the area, Chacha Chawal Wala is not to be missed. If you are visiting Delhi stay in a 14Square serviced apartment and visit this popular food joint. To find out our apartments, visit