A chance to meet feathered travellers visiting the city

Santragachi Jheel is an enormous 13,75,000 square feet water body in the heart of Kolkata’s twin city, Howrah.

The city of joy offers you several places of interest throughout the year. But on a certain part of the year, the city opens up its skyline to play host to several foreign travellers. These tourists fly in without a passport or visa and the city makes grand preparations for them. Before you let your imagination run wild, let me tell you that these travellers are the migratory birds that visit the Satragachi jheel every year.

During the winter months, that is from October to March thousands of birds fly to Howrah situated on the opposite bank of the Ganges. In the heart of Howrah, which is a mere 20 minutes away from Kolkata, lies a 13,75,000 square feet lake, known as Santragachi Jheel. This is a favourite spot amongst migratory birds and also turns out to be a centre of attraction for birdwatchers all over the country. If you have a special love and fascination for aves then make sure you get hold of a cup of warm tea and an eagle eyed pair of binoculars to see migratory birds fly in from countries like Kazakhstan, China and Russia.

This is probably the best place for you to see wild birds in a city. The jheel provides a safe haven for these birds. Some of the common winter visitors to the jheel are Fulvous Whistling-duck, Swinhoe’s Snipe, Ferruginous Pochard, Comb Duck and the more common Gadwall, Garganey, Northern Pintail, Northern Shovelers Common Moorhen, Cotton Pygmy Goose and several distant visitors make a stop at Santragachi jheel to rest their wings for a while.

The jheel is punctiliously cleaned every year to make it ready for the migratory birds. On one such year when the public authorities delayed their work, the people living around the area crowd funded the cleaning of the jheel, just to make sure the beautiful birds didn’t lose their usual booking at the jheel.

If you are on the lookout for true uncaged wildlife in the city, then Santragachi Jheel is a place to hop in before any zoo visit. Book a lovely serviced apartment in Kolkata on www.14square.in to enjoy this wonderful destination.

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