Travel and Stay in India

When exactly they seeped through in the market and since when have they started turning tables in the travel and accommodation industry, no one can surely say. Perhaps some hints of localized efforts can be traced to early dates of this century but the game for the sisterhood of traveling pants changed mostly in the recent decade of times. Past few years have not only witnessed stark changes from the conventional travel traditions to a whole new set of unconventional traveling preferences but the travel audience has been astounded with the new conception of serviced apartments – a perfect accommodation alternative for present travelers.

The inclusion of serviced apartments in the travel accommodation industry has been a unique venture, with one of the fastest and most promising scope for all the parties involved. The shift in the paradigms of this subject field has started to recognize the evolution of industry with the successful progression of serviced apartments. People around the world are starting to find their convenience better in the provisions of such apartments and seem interested in putting their faith in it. Especially in India, the growth has been astonishingly pleasant.

From inspiration, a present-day Indian traveler has become more aware and investing in the new growing promises of the accommodation developments, serviced apartments being the major. From hotels, cheap motels, dharmshalas or tacky guest houses, the curiosity of a quintessential Indian traveler has been drawn to serviced apartments. And thus, serviced apartments in India hold immense scope and growth for a flourishing industry in the ever-expanding market.

Initially only famous tourist states like Goa and Kerala had easy provisions of these apartments but now the extensions can be seen as far as the north-east with a widespread grid of such in states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, the seven sisters and more to be added soon. A lot more companies and even individuals have started to invest in them and Indian tourism can be seen nurturing a whole new set of travel accommodation entrepreneurs who provide exactly what we are talking about.

The ambit has widened for both the ones interested in providing the service as for the ones intriguingly interested in consuming such services of a home away from home, with one’s own convenience and command and a personal space for being carefree even while traveling. Not just this, but all mediums through which one gains travel knowledge have been enriched with all the information about these for a lot easier access. Easy access increases their approachability and this has resulted in a complimenting footage to their existence. It would be safe to say that serviced apartments in India have not only changed the dynamics of the usual accommodation options in the industry but is, gradually and eventually, restructuring the whole equation.

Travelers no more need to look for and spend on high budget hotels or average budgeted hotels with unimpressive services. Travelers can now easily rent an apartment for their traveling accommodation with a lot cheaper stay-expense and an absolute autonomy of lifestyle even when on the go! With such stepping stones, it is evidently obvious that all the hotels and lodges have another competitor in the market and they better be careful for the era of serviced apartments has begun. For some reasonably priced and very comfortable serviced apartments across thirteen major cities, visit

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