Why you should board the Circular rail in Kolkata

When you Google famous transport options for Kolkata, then the Tram wins the search results but there is a lesser known transport which provides you easy and fast access to every tourist spot in the city, Circular rail. Being the only state which still has a functioning network, the tram has become a symbol of Kolkata’s fight against time. But there is a not so famous transport which is used only by daily commuters and is yet to be developed for tourists, the Circular rail.

This special rail service is used by a handful of people in the City of Joy but if you are a tourist and want to see the best and the famous spots in the city then Circular rail is your answer. This particular railway network derived its name from the fact that it goes around the whole city in a circle. Starting from Dumdum and ending at Dumdum. If you are still wondering as to why you should board this train as a tourist then read on.

The Circular rail is the only railway network which runs by the majestic Ganges. So if you are hoping to get a view of the mighty river then this is the best way of seeing it on wheels. The train trails by the river from Khiddirpur to B.B.D Bag. Be sure to keep your cameras on standby as you chug past the river. If you are interested in photography then early morning is a good time for you to board. This is preferable over the tram because the tram glides past the interiors of the city while the Circular rail takes you on a trip around the periphery of the whole city. It starts and ends on the same station.

You can get down the train at any station and then board further vehicles for reaching your place of interest. Some of the famous stops of the Circular rail are Pricep Ghat. You can pose here for a picture under the colossal columns, like Vidya Balan in Parineeta. The next stop is a soft spot for every cricket lover, Eden Gardens. Drop by to get a feel of Dada’s lust for this ground. At B.B.D Bag, you will find the station infested with commuters on the rush but you can drop the run, board a streamer to get a ride on the Ganges. These streamers will take you to the other side of the river, Howrah, the twin city of Kolkata. One of the key attractions of the Circular rail; it takes you on a ride under the historic Howrah bridge. That is a ride very few make.

The Circular rail issues special tickets for tourist. These are one time payable which is why it saves you the time and energy of buying a ticket at every stop. These tickets allow a maximum of eight stops. So make a sketch of the places you want to visit and let the Circular rail act as your magic chariot. To experience this wonderful ride, stay in Kolkata with 14square service apartments. To know more about our conveniently located properties, visit www.14square.in

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