The changing dimensions of Travel Accommodations coming of age of ‘serviced apartments’

We are in the middle of a revolution of the travel industry. In fact, it wouldn’t be too harmful or incorrect to say that not only is the industry going through a major makeover but the whole conception of traveling and its other subsets involving travel destinations, travel commutation, and travel accommodations are facing what we would call the change of an era. Long story cut short, the meaning of traveling for most of the travelers has changed from the conventional style to a neo-travel fashion.

No more do our usual travelers consider luxury an imperative part of the travel and neither do they follow the conventionally used protocol of planning, dressing, and lifestyle during their travel anymore. And thus, there had been seen an obviously impending change in the field of travel accommodation.
So long staying out during travel was either of the two things – staying expensively and lavishly at hotels and lodges or staying on nominal accommodation services of not-so-impressively maintained institutionally provided stays at temples, and other spiritual buildings. The industry and the industry lovers are now witnessing the coming of age of what we call ‘serviced apartments’.

Serviced apartments are accommodation services in residential apartments with usual daily amenities and services, maintained and marketed for travelers. They allow short as well as long stays to solo, group or family travelers at prices much lower than the lavish alternative and services extremely home-like that can be customized to one’s preference on personal request.

It goes without saying that they are one of the best options for effective and efficient cost cutting during trips and tours but that’s not it.

They give you more space and privacy if you are a lover of them. You don’t need to dress, or stay in the way it will always be publically appreciated and you get to be the way you want to be even while traveling in another city or country. You follow your own lifestyle.

Moreover, you have absolute say and choice over your kitchen whether you want anything strictly adhering to your tastes or try out new dishes. You decide the quality and quantity of your own food, which is hard to maintain a say over at most times and places.

The apartment becomes your residence over that period of time and you can use it to work, relax or command it just like you do at your own place. It’s your home away from home. Thus, it tries to cut down the peculiar feeling of staying at an unusual place in a new city. These shall provide you with the comfort you desire; and there could be much more, which perhaps comes out better with experience than words of information.

The chains of serviced apartments have made their way through the selectively permeable batch of hotels and created a niche for themselves in the market. The major boom had been due to the rise in regional, national and international travelers of from all classes and stratum of the population. Gone are the days when traveling across cities and countries was a luxury enjoyed only by the high-class of the society who could easily afford an extravagant stay.

Similarly, no more do we see the dawn of the days endeavored by hippie, nomadic travelers staying at nominally low-budgeted and ill-maintained spiritual dwellings. The introduction and journey of serviced apartments has given a perfect alternative to any other accommodation stays amidst the huge gap of the different kinds. Thus, with the kind of travelers we have today, with the most promising traits of effective and efficient stay plans, the scope of serviced apartments is anticipated to expand exponentially.

As a fact of the matter, it is the kind of stay service which shall hardly go out of trend and market for a long time because the major range of neo-traveling lovers constitutes the vast width of middle-class people across the globe that neither love extravagance a lot, nor stay below basic standards. Serviced Apartments have successfully come of age and have miles to go! Do visit to book a serviced apartment across the country in thirteen cities.

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