The what’s and why’s of ‘Serviced Apartments’

Inhabitable, suitably furnished apartments with well-functioning facilities providing a welcoming service for your stays away from home, in general fashion today are what we refer to as ‘serviced apartments’.
These are apartments lent to us by their owners for travelers and tourists to use them for cheap and amicable stays instead of hotels and other usual accommodation services.
These serviced apartments can be found at different locations of the city with absolute home-like ambience and maintenance. The stays at these apartment compounds are usually provided with a domestic help and cook to ensure comfortable and hassle free stay. The serviced apartments not only provide a roof to stay with a personal help but almost all basic daily amenities. The usual provisions include furniture, cooking and dining utensils, general toiletries, bed sheets and pillows, seasonal needful materials, say – blankets or Air conditioners and Coolers, and a basic hygienic environment. The rest varies and depends upon different types of serviced apartments.
There are two major diversification of these apartment services that can be made on the basis of the tenure of the stay they allow and provide. They are the short-stay apartments and the long-stay apartments. The ones that generally provide stays varying from a 24 hours reception to daily extensions are usually called ‘Aparthotels’ and allow travelers a short-stay service. You can stay a few hours, a day or many more extended days to follow. You could use it very efficiently if you are out for a vacation for a week or two.

The second kinds are the ‘corporate houses’ which provide services for a long-stay plan, more like short-term rental houses. They include basic facilities along with a tenured billing provision for certain tax paying services. These allow stays for a month or more and thus, cut your hotel bills drastically.

Serviced Apartments can be found to be both luxurious or with usual home-like services. Such kind depends from city to city and apartment to apartment. However, they all have in the common the provision of basic daily amenities and services. Moreover, they allow you a worthy alternative for expensive hotels and lodges.
The highlights of such a service in a new city for you can be surprisingly many.

Cheap Residence –
Like, literally a residence. Though the rates vary from city to city but it shall still be about 30% cheaper than a four-star hotel with a promisingly better service in accordance to your tastes.

You carry your lifestyle along. Not only do you get more autonomy as to deciding your own way of stay, from your choice of casual clothing to off-the-menu cuisine preferences. Yes, you get to taste your dishes exactly like you want them to taste! All in all, it is your own customized travel stay.

Moreover, you get your own space. You want the whole apartment? No problem. You wish to share it with another tourist? You got it. Hanging out with friends on a budget trip? We’ve got the best convenience for you here. Or a family trip? This could be the homely-trip with no hassles.

It is one of the best and most convenient accommodation services for people who aspire for casual and natural stays while traveling. It lacks the usual clamor of the costly hotels and is more hospitable than dharmshalas and ashrams, even guest houses. Come to think of it, it is just like residing at your own residence with all the comforts and cordial services. It’s a home away from home.

Residence stay – your choice. We provide you with our available options of these apartments at different location of the city and you have complete freedom to choose the most expedient one. You may also have an option to personalize your services according to your tastes and desires. You get what you seek.

All in all, the inception of existence for travel stays as such has not only opened new accommodation ventures in the market but has in fact seen accentuation in major Indian cities. It is now one of the better options a traveler seeks today and rightly so. Try out for yourself and add another experience to your travel diaries. Book a lovely serviced apartment with

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